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There are many ways you can change children’s lives forever.

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Give Where Most Needed

The most effective use of donations is ”where most needed,” as it gives us the maximum flexibility to direct funds in accordance with current and most urgent needs across our international network. This is the default designation for every gift, unless the donor specifies other intent.

One-Time Gift

Many people prefer to give a one-time gift, often when they receive a tax refund or happen to have some “extra” cash. We certainly appreciate these one-time gifts, which are most effective when given to “where most needed.” On rare occasions we make an emergency appeal, The one-time gift is extremely important, but please consider the following option.

Monthly Giving

While one-time gifts are always appreciated, all organizations operate most effectively through budgets. Budgets allow for maximum productive use of donations because they give us a reliable on-going account of funds available. Monthly giving allows monthly budgets to be accurate, and helps us avoid having to make “emergency appeals.” We request you consider a monthly gift of $15.00. This small gift would allow Sinza Children to:

  • Feed orphans 2 meals a day
  • Give orphans access to adequate medical care
  • Teach and model biblical principals
  • Care for orphans in a home that is clean and safe
  • Give orphans life skills and appropriate education