Our Story

We are presenting to you the activities that took place in the year 2015/16, highlights as well as major successes, challenges and recommendations. All this is being reported to you by Sinza Africa. (SINZA AFRICA)

SINZA AFRICA is an officially registered NGO that also runs an approved transitional children’s home whose vision Our vision is to uplift the standard and condition of life for orphans and vulnerable children and to empower young people to have a meaningful life and a better tomorrow

SINZA AFRICA was established by Ms. Gladys Mirembe in 2013 and official got registered in 2016. Her challenging childhood inspired her to start SINZA AFRICA, and she focused on increasing the awareness about the plight of vulnerable children in the country.

In 2016 Sinza devoted Come. We created new projects, engaged in partnerships and intensified advocacy to make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

Sinza also continues to promote keeping children in their families and helping them from there, make sure that children have the basic needs they need and have Educational achievement. We have been able to get piece of land and the building for house of kids and effective team building. We have been able to bring in more children that needed care.

We are hopeful that in 2016, the foundation we have already laid will aid us towards more intensive advocacy, education and welfare of children in all our organizational focus areas.

This report tries to summarise our journey in 2015/2016 as we struggle to move from our present status to anticipated stage of sustainability.

 Ms. Gladys Mirembe                   

Executive Director