About us


To raise Children of Purpose.


That every orphan will know that Jesus loves them and cares for their needs. God’s Kids strives to demonstrate Christ’s love for orphans 

by raising the standard of care and accountability for orphanages around the world.


  • Provide quality nutrition, clean places to live, and adequate medical care for orphans.
  • Equip orphans with an education and life skills.
  • Raise a generation of orphans prepared to be significant contributors to their society.

Strategy & Values

Sinza Children has identified three areas we will focus on in order to achieve our mission:


Part of Sinza Children focus is insuring that children in orphanages are receiving an adequate level of care. This care impacts every area of their life including spiritual, physical and emotional. We require that each orphanage we support sign a covenant which outlines our requirements. A key component of our accreditation is that they also agree to be monitored by a local Sinza Children board or short-term teams. This creates a level of accountability which we believe is essential.


Most of the children in the orphanages lack a proper diet. The food they eat and crops they often cultivate are very heavy in starch but do not provide adequate proteins or vitamins. Where feasible, we will work with specialist to grow needed crops for a healthy diet. This will also potentially provide a means for some of the orphanages to rely less on outside funding since they could provide their own meals and potentially sell the excess.

Acquire Life Skills

Providing orphans with an education and a means for supporting themselves is crucial. Sinza Chidlren will team up with other service organizations to help provide books and literature to orphanages. We will also train children in agriculture as we establish gardens at the the home.